I am a writer and storyteller who can’t keep my fingers out of a lot of different pies: account planning, brand strategy, business development, social media, and lots of other things. Whatever the job description, I bring to the job my incurable curiosity, my fascination with human behaviour and culture, and a passion for working with ideas and for making stuff.

Born in Sweden, educated in Scotland, and trained in New Zealand, I have a master’s degree in cultural anthropology and a diploma of creative advertising. I was part of AXIS AdSchool Team of the Year 2009 and graduated at the top of the class, won a Young Guns silver bullet winner 2009, and completed an internship at DDB Auckland 2009-2010.

I returned to Sweden after nearly fifteen years abroad in 2011, and I am currently working as a digital copywriter at Monki in Gothenburg.

When I am not working, I am available for secret society meetings, looking at stuff through the wrong end of the binoculars, snake charming, organising choirs, building stuff out of cardboard tubes, finding lost keys, or going on horse-stealing expeditions here or abroad. Feel free to get in touch!


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