The Canon 1000D is an entry-level SLR camera.


Kiwi Bacon

In 2009, Kiwi Heritage’s Triple Smoked Back Bacon was the only supermarket brand to win an award at the annual New Zealand Bacon Awards.


Aunt Betty’s BodyFuel

BodyFuel is an energy drink made with slow-release carbohydrates.

Student book bingo

The invite for the AXIS AdSchool Class of ’09 end of year show, in the form of a bingo card featuring all the things we knew our ad industry guests were hoping they wouldn’t see at the show. The dabbers had labels in the same style, and just for fun, we extended the campaign with an online idea as well.


Unity Books

Unity Books is a small independent bookshop in Auckland, New Zealand. It is known for its excellent and eclectic selection, and its commitment to selling books and nothing but books made it stand out from the chain stores.

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